The Tree Trimming Do’s and Don’ts

When you have a tree growing in your yard it becomes your responsibility. You’ll have to look after its health, and you have to look after its growth and other dangers that could happen. If you are one of those who have the choice to plant a tree it is good to think it through before planting any or you will have to call for a tree removalservice later.   


 Putting a little thought on things and making sure that it is the best of choice for what you have will ensure that you are not only not suffering from choices you made before and no stress and headaches to look after.  


 If you want to tackle the job yourself, tree trimming, you should also at least read something about trimming trees to avoid those poor decision, that would lead to sad results. In this article you will learn three of the dos and three of the don’ts of tree trimming.  




Do think about your safety and make sure that you have all the gears and other stuff that ensures this. You don’t want to have to get into an accident because of this. You should always put your safety as priority because you wouldn’t be able to do anything if you are incapacitated.  




Do think about the space of the branched of the trees to your house. It could be the window, the roof anything. You should put a distance between your tree and your house so that there are no accidental breaking of branch and damaging your house. Space matters so you should keep that into your mind especially if you have a general weather that is prone to strong winds and storm.  




Do understand that trimming trees is routinely. It is a process that you’ll have to do all year round. You should make sure that no dead branch or diseased tree parts thrive because that will lead to more problems later. If you take care of issues now rather than later it will save you a lot of trouble.  




Don’t ever use the tools that is not meant for the job, and even if it is meant for the job and you don’t know how to handle it, don’t take that risk. It’s not worthy.  




You should also know the right time to prune a tree, flowering and not. It needs to be strong and well adapted to the place before any trims are done. A flowering tree should only be trimmed after all its flowers have bloomed.  


  1. TRIM ONLY  


Don’t trim to much out of a tree. It can damage the tree and it may become unsteady and prone to being over rooted. So, when you trim a tree, trim it to the proper length. Don’t go overboard or you won’t have much of a tree left to you.  

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